British Folk Soul Artist Gareth Esson Unveils New Single ‘Warning Signs’

Folk-soul artist Gareth Esson is marking his return to the music scene with “Warning Signs,” a single that intertwines the essence of neo-soul, R&B, and folk into a melodically rich and reflective track.

The London-based musician has finely tuned his latest offering during an eight-year break, a period filled with personal and artistic growth. The song is scheduled for release on October 27, 2023, and promises to be a deeply personal narrative that explores the intricacies of love and the inner conflict of embracing connection.

Esson’s “Warning Signs” emerges as an intense musical journey through the complexity of human emotions and the oft-ignored red flags in relationships. His voice, enriched with soulful depth, floats over an entrancing acoustic guitar rhythm, making the experience both raw and hypnotic. The song’s introspective lyrics are a window into Esson’s soul, showcasing his vulnerabilities and the courage to face them head-on.

Recorded live with a full band and perfected over sixty sessions, Esson’s collaboration with co-producer Arie Van Der Poel and a transformative encounter with renowned producer Ben Jones, who has worked with the likes of Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige, elevates the track’s emotional intensity. Jones’s introduction of a haunting theremin-like sound adds a unique layer to the already captivating track, enhancing its emotional pull.

Gareth’s journey since the release of his crowd-funded album “Almost Something” in 2015 has been one of introspection and determination to produce work that truly represents him. His newfound dedication to authenticity over outside influence is a testament to his maturity as an artist. This single serves as an invitation to the audience to partake in a collective moment of self-reflection, set to the backdrop of Esson’s soul-stirring compositions.

Complementing the single’s release, a series of multimedia experiences are planned, including a music video, a lyric visual, and a live acoustic rendition. Each format will provide fans with a new lens through which to experience the song’s narrative and emotional landscape.

The launch of “Warning Signs” will be celebrated with a special event at BRXTN Village Studios, a location deeply integrated into Gareth’s recent musical journey. The studio, which provided a sanctuary for Gareth to record his new work amidst the pandemic’s challenges, underscores the narrative of community and kindness that runs parallel to the themes of his music.

Gareth Esson’s return with “Warning Signs” is not just a new chapter in his discography but also a beacon for folk-soul enthusiasts seeking authenticity and emotional resonance in music.

Listen to “Warning Signs” below:


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