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LA indie-rock band Indigo FM have released their fourth single since the beginning of 2021 and it is entitled “Anhedonia”.


The single is a song about the search for meaning amidst the chaos of modern everyday life. It also evokes feelings of determination and coolness that are paired with occasional shimmers of restrained emotion that want to break through.


The band’s songwriter, Esteban Obando shared: “Around September of 2020 when we sat down to start writing this song, deep in the throes of quarantine, I guess on some level I wanted to write about how every day is a search for meaning, especially when every day starts to follow a very similar rhythm and you feel powerless to change it.”


The vibe of the song is clearly taking us back to the 2000’s indie-rock era and reminds us of some bands of this era, such as Arctic Monkeys, Muse or The Black Keys.


Indigo FM is composed of Esteban Obando, who is taking care of the lead vocals, guitar and keys, Connor Sullivan taking care of the guitars, keys and background vocals, Patrick Taylor playing bass and Johannes Gritschacher on drums.


The four of them created Indigo FM and with their alternative/indie-rock style, they are definitely becoming an ever-growing presence in their genre. They produce an unconventional, but still catchy sound that seems inspired by some giants of the scene in this genre as The Strokes, Weezer, and The Killers.


With the success of their other singles “Us Against The World”, “Waldo” and “Houston” we can see the constant evolution of the LA band, from their visuals to their sound.


Even though they are proposing a large variety of songs and try to never do the same thing twice, you’ll always be able to recognize their style and non-conformist streak.


Listen to Indigo FM’s new single “Anhedonia” here:




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