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Jay Carteré has released his new single “Lighthouse”, just in time for the yearly event we all loathe and love, which is Valentines Day. The artist kick started the new year with the release of “Drug Music”, a hard hitting rap song based on the social eugenics of society. “Lighthouse” on the other hand differs from his previous release and offers a mix of genres ranging from dance to deep house and rap.


The single may resemble something from a Calvin Harris song thus you’d expect a turnt up house party based music video to follow. However, there’s currently no music video for the song, and its undetermined whether or not, one will be made over the course of this month. Jay’s no stranger to expletives and swear words so to hear less of those, within the lyrics is a new experience for me, from the care-free artist.


You keep me a float in this sea of madness, you give me hope to get back where land is, you’re my light house, you’re my light house”, are the opening lyrics to the song which are pretty much swear free, and this habit continues throughout the song. Whether or not the swear free approach is experimental is unknown but it works. The single “Lighthouse” is available free for download on SoundCloud, listen to “Lighthouse” below.




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