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Jay-Z has finally unveiled the first ad campaign for his brand new Monogram cannabis line, inspired by the iconic work of renowned photographer Slim Aarons, and it arrives just in time for 4/20.


Slim Aarons was a huge artist who became known for photographing rich, white upper class people in extraordinary decors such as pool parties, ski resorts and beyond. Now Jay-Z is appropriating these portraits in a new advertising campaign for his Monogram line of cannabis.


In the middle of the 20th century, Slim Aarons became best known for his photos of celebrities, jet-setters and parties. His main subject was “attractive people, doing attractive things, in attractive places”, he said.


The billionaire brought in famous music video director Hype Williams to photograph his campaign, which is a tribute and revisit to Slim Aarons’ legendary work.


Grammy-nominated Chika, model Slick Woods of Fenty Beauty fame, rapper Curren$y, the trio of chefs who constitute Ghetto Gastro and stylist Aleali May were chosen to represent Monogram.


Captured enjoying weed in and around the pool, the photos are extraordinary and reflect the cross-over between the worlds of Aarons, Jay-Z and Williams.


Aarons’ ‘Keep Your Cool‘, ‘Desert House Party‘, ‘Poolside Gossip‘ and ‘Leisure and Fashion‘ photos have all been newly recreated. Of the four, Aarons shot two at the Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs designed by Richard Neutra.


While the Monogram campaign was not shot there, Williams and Jay-Z found a nearby location that is perhaps just as iconic. They shot at Twin Palms, a modern house built by architect E. Stewart Williams for Frank Sinatra in 1946.


On the heels of legalization, seeing creative like this become a natural part of the fabric of New York City only reinforces that cannabis has a right to exist within our customs, arts and social institutions“, Jay-Z said. He added “New York’s decision to legalize is a victory for the entire industry, and I’m excited to have Monogram play a role in bringing that message to life in my own backyard“.


Learn more about Monogram here.




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