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Jeff Bridges has always been a movie guy. But in this age of prestige TV, with actors seamlessly making the jump between mediums, he’s set for his most prominent TV role arguably ever. Bridges will star in the FX series The Old Man from the Black Sails creators.


Based on Thomas Perry‘s bestselling novel, the show will revolve around Dan Chase, who escaped from his CIA gig decades ago and has been living off the grid ever since. When an assassin arrives and tries to take him out, he learns that to ensure his future, he now must reconcile his past.


Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine have written the show, and will also executive produce. Nick Grad, FX’s co-president of original programming, said of the project: “Jeff is an iconic, extraordinary actor and to have him as the star of this series is an incredible moment for FX”. He also praised Steinberg and Levine’s script.


Steinberg and Levine previously collaborated on four seasons of Black Sails. That was for Starz, and won multiple Emmys. Even though the show isn’t as popular as similar shows, Steinberg and producer Dan Shotz just signed an exclusive overall deal with Fox for TV development. So they’re in demand.


Warren Littlefield is another another producer on board, and he’s worked on The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo. So the amount of names that have helped bring great TV to the screen working on The Old Man is impressive. Hopefully Bridges’ first major foray into television is a worthwhile one. He’s certainly surrounded himself with the best possible talent.


The pilot for The Old Man is expected to begin production this autumn.



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