Jessica Lange Is Back On The New Season Of ‘American Horror Story’ | TV News


Jessica Lange, the stunning American actress, is coming back to the acclaimed TV series American Horror Story after a two-year break.


American Horror Story is ready to air its eight season on September 12, called ‘Apocalypse‘. This season will be a crossover between the first season (‘Murder House’) and the third season (‘Coven’). Hints about this crossover where shown across the seven seasons and fans have been waiting for it from years.



Jessica Lange decided to leave the show because she wanted to go back into cinematography. In fact, she joined a Ryan Murphy project which initially was a movie but developed into a miniseries. Lange will be back in AHS as Constance Langdon from the first season, the beloved yet hated character from the fandom. She will be the main guest from the sixth episode which will be directed by Sarah Paulson.



Sarah Paulson will come back for ‘Apocalypse‘ as will Evan Peters, Emma Roberts and Kathy Bates. Hopefully the next season will be as great as previous ones and Jessica Lange will win prestigious prizes as she has done before in the past.



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