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New Gen‘s very own rising London rapper/producer Jevon addresses all of his backstabbers in his newly released single “Judas“, taking after the famous disloyal Biblical character. Following on from his brilliant previous track “Redemption“, “Judas” will serve as the lead track from his upcoming debut EP, due next month.


“Judas” is a chilling and rumbling piece, a powerful account of the dishonesty he’s faced in the past, but it also makes for a instant head-nodder with a catchy hook; his melodic rap finds the pockets in the song very well.


Describing “Judas” in his own words, Jevon said, “This single is essentially a conversation with myself about betrayal and loyalty. When I was young I got set up by someone I grew up with who I thought was my friend.” He goes on, “As a result of moments like that I now triple question things in my own mind and it can lead me to over analyse too much, this could be another example of that.”


Undeniable in terms of talent, Jevon is now staking his place amongst them as one of the frontrunners. Not concerned with following musical cycles Jevon draws from styles not typically associated with U.K. Rap and R&B.




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