JONES – Silver Screen | Music Video


Alongside the release of her New York EP, the second of a three-part EP series being released this year, dedicated to a city she admires, British artist JONES visually treats us by bringing to life the lead of the EP with the brand new video for “Silver Screen


The song in itself is a beautifully stripped back affair; poignant piano melody with interwoven guitar chords that induces an almost cradling lullaby, yet encompassing the very sound she believes best summarises the famous city that never sleeps and her love for it. It pays it’s homage to one of the matriarchs of the Big Apple, Alicia Keys for one with the classic “Empire State of Mind“.


Shot by London-based visual artist Ciarán Wood, the video furthers the New York and ‘silver screen’ theme. It’s a simple performative video looking like it came from an 80’s music television programme, interjected with band shots and clips of New York at its busiest and best.



The previously released London EP was a tribute to her hometown and a city to which she has an intense emotional link. And with her respect for New York, the series will eventually conclude with a Paris EP later this year. JONES will celebrate the release of the New York EP with a rare acoustic performance at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan on June 27.



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