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Josh Bevan + Rival – GHOSTS | New Music


Can we just talk about Josh Bevan for a moment? Now, perhaps you unfortunately haven’t been acquainted with the smooth vocals of the 29-year old Brighton based singer,  however, if his new single, “GHOSTS” ft Rival is anything to go by, his name will sure to be on everyone’s lips very soon.


Listening to GHOSTS, there’s something so likeable about Bevan’s voice. What comes to mind is, effortless, mesmerising and definitely distinctive. The small inflections of his utterances instantly comes through, which I really think adds to charm of this track, and works in harmony with the chill, soft and electronic beat. It’s definitely more laid-back and sure to cool you down on a hot summer’s day.


Josh Bevan, memorable in voice but just as memorable in person, always dreamt of being a musician. By 25, however,  Bevan was spending most of his days in Brighton singing in weddings, recording jingles for the radio and lending back-up vocals in studio sessions. After a period of depression, he realised, after living dreams half-fulfilled, that he needed to take a leap-of-faith and invest himself into the craft that he loved so much.


And thank goodness. To have a voice so special stay in the shadows is a truly sad thing and Bevan is admirable for following a passion he loves so much.


Speaking about his music and his solo career:


“I took the same attitude I had with singing to the production […] I didn’t think I was a talented singer, I just really loved it, so I worked on it everyday. Just because something’s a gamble, it doesn’t mean that it’s not the thing that you have to do.”


In this, “GHOSTS”  is a very special track as Bevan explains:


“Writing this, I felt hopelessly in debt to music. Progress (or lack of) in achieving my goals had left me so very low, I had this deficit hanging over me. I felt like a huge surge of success would only bring me back to zero, if that. To be happy in music again seemed impossible because I was down so much emotional currency in relation to it. The only thing more painful to me than what I was feeling was the idea of giving up.”


So please, go listen to Josh Bevan’s, “GHOSTS” ft. Rival down below that is the first single to come off debut EP, Cloud_9 out later this summer.




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