Kanye West 2018 Album ‘Ye’ Hits One Billion Streams On Spotify | Music News


Kanye West has released many hits in his career, from his very first album The College Dropout, with every project certified platinum by the RIAA. This week, his “forgettable” 2018 project Ye reached the milestone of one billion streams on Spotify, according to music industry sales and stream tracker Chart Data.


‘Ye’ was Kanye West’s eighth consecutive album to top the Billboard 200 album chart and the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop albums charts upon release. At the time, the release of the record was mixed in with his hefty fashion design, music, political and business workload, which included four other albums under his label, which were all released in close succession that year.


The most memorable things about the Ye album was the lo-fi album cover theme of a Wyoming mountain range near his ranch, where he produced all five albums his label released in 2018. The artwork was in lime-green in which reads “I hate being bi-polar it’s awesome”.


At the time, NME described the album as a meditation on marriage, mental health, and addiction. “Nobody can deny this mini album flirts with brilliance, and feels like a pop cultural moment straight out the gate; we just wish there was a little more to it”, they said.


Revisit the Ye album below and let us know what you think.




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