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Kanye West 22.05.2016ANDREW


Things are not looking too good for Kanye West at the minute. After the whirlwind of publicity surrounding his February album, The Life Of Pablo, he has run into some trouble concerning his previous album, 2013’s Yeezus.


It is reported that Gabor Presser, a Hungarian composer, is suing Kanye West for at least $2.5 million after he claims that West failed to strike a formal deal with him over the use of his song “Gyöngyhajú lány”, which was sampled for track, “New Slaves”. It is the portion of the song that Frank Ocean features in.


A $10,000 check was meant to have been sent, but was never cashed. Now it looks like this, of course, will cost the rapper a whole lot more than that figure sum.



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