Kartè Carter – What Ya Wanted | New Music

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Kartè Carter – What Ya Wanted | New Music

Kartè Carter 20.03.2016ANDREW


Kartè Carter presents “What Ya Wanted” as his first offering off The Dark Times Memoirs. SDotFire sits at the helm for production duties. It begins ominous with sung vocals that seem to have a touch of autotune. Rapped vocals soon follow. There are rattling drum machine beats set against that ominous backdrop, which is like, perhaps an evil accordion.


The flows change up quite a lot. Some are incessant and relentless, others are a bit more laidback. The styles, in terms of content, are quite hardcore and explicit. There also appears a demonic voice right before the last verse on the track, furthering the theme perhaps setin place by that aforementioned evil accordion.




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