Kele Okereke Confirms New Bloc Party Album, Previews New Song ‘Exes’ | Music News


Kele Okereke has spoken about Bloc Party’s fifth album during a radio interview with Triple J. Currently on a tour of Australia promoting his own latest record Trick, the singer discussed details about his solo tour and how the recording and writing process is going on Bloc Party’s album so far. According to Okereke, the new music is a substantial difference to their previous work on albums such as ‘Intimacy‘ and Silent Alarm.


Speaking about the album, Okereke said, “it’s sounding like nothing that we’ve ever done before but that’s what every always says, we’ve always been fans of lots of different sorts of things and I feel that maybe in the past we tried to recreate different worlds or sounds. I feel that this record is an evolution of where we were. So far, there’s nothing really that I can compare it to in terms of other musicians where as in the past I could… This is very much our own record”. Have a Listen to an acoustic preview of Bloc Party’s new sound, in the form of “Exes” down below.




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