Keyah/Blu – Sweet | Music Video


From the depths of South London comes a brand new artist – rapper and singer, KEYAH/BLU. A collaboration with Denzel Himself on “Melty” and her DIY release Country Grove Demo Tape in the bag, she stakes her claim in the scene with her debut single and accompanying video “Sweet“.


“Sweet” speaks to her truth. She shares her experience of a hook-up and the feelings the morning after over. Her mellow, almost nonchalant and poetic flow runs smoothly over a hip-hop meets jazz soundscape. Her visuals are even more captivating however. With an array of various striking imagery, she goes from a leader of hooded ninjas to a memorable scene in she is wrapped in entirely in cellophane.



“For the video, originally all I had was this image of 7 ninjas on a beach floating around in my head, like the 7 levels of my consciousness, and with the help of my friend Sonny Jake we were able to pull together an ironic narrative.”


“I wanted to focus on feelings that weren’t necessarily touched upon in the song, the kidnapping has a lot of different meanings. The dark overpowering light, or vice versa, or masculine and feminine, or yes and no. It’s about the duality”


Produced by Denzel Himself, with the accompanying video directed by KEYAH/BLU “Sweet” is a precursor to the upcoming House Anxiety 10-year anniversary compilation, A Decade Of Anxiety.



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