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Kim Gordon has shared a new track titled “Air BnB”. The Sonic Youth icon is set to release her first solo album titled No Home Record on October 11 via Matador Records


The song is full of references to the hospitality gig economy. Gordon sings mockingly of “blue towels and water bottles” and “47 inch flat TV”. The visuals accompanying the track explain the video was to be filmed in an AirBnB but “there wasn’t any money to make it”. Instead, the clip features a description of what “mid-century modern” flat “on top of the Hollywood Hills” was supposed to look like.


“Air BnB” follows the previously released photograph of the singer lying in a spotless showhome holding a cushion with the words “hello gorgeous” written on it. Artist and poet Elaine Kahn revealed that Gordon’s forthcoming record will explore the theme of “purchasing utopia” and combine “cultural critique, divulgence, and humour” in its lyrics.


Last month, Kim Gordon released “Sketch Artist”, the first single supporting her debut solo album. No Home Record will also feature 2016’s “Murdered Out”. The record was produced by Justin Raisen, a frequent collaborator of the likes of Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira. It also features contributions from Shawn Everett and Jake Meginsky.


“Why a solo record? And why now? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t have happened without the persistence of Justin Raisen”, admitted the singer. “Living in LA the last few years it feels like home, but the transience of the place makes it feel sometimes like no home”.


Gordon recently authored two solo exhibitions at the Irish Museum Of Modern Art and Pennsylvania’s Warhol Museum. In 2016, she penned her successful autobiography Girl In A Band.


Last year the singer linked with Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks for the song “Refute” taken from their album Sparkle Hard. Gordon also released an LP with Body/Head, the group she formed wit Ikue Mori and Bill Nace.


Listen to “Air BnB” here:




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