Kunal Nayyar On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – ‘I’ll Keep Doing It As Long As They’ll Have Me’ | TV News

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Following rumours that The Big Bang Theory could finish after its tenth season, Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali star Kunal Nayyar has confessed he will continue with the hit sitcom for as long he’s wanted – but only if the gang stick together. Currently in its ninth season, the show has become a resounding success; managing to win eight Emmy awards.


Speaking to Digital Spy, Nayyar explained: “We have one more year left on the contract and I’ll keep doing it as long as they’ll have me“, but added “I wouldn’t want to do it without the guys and girls”. He continued, revealing how they’re all one big family unit: “That’s our family. There’s not one person in that cast who would want to walk away from what we have, because we know how special it is”.


When asked how he relates to his socially awkward character Rajesh, Nayyar admitted: “I definitely have things in common with him. A lot of actors bring some part to their personality. I’m really excitablel And sometimes I look at the world through innocent eyes to a fault. Just like him. I lived his life, he’s a kid from Delhi just like me”. See the ninth season continue every Thursday at 8:30pm on E4.



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