L.A. Salami Reveals New Song ‘We’ll Solve It After’ From His Upcoming EP | Music News


L.A. Salami has just released a new song titled “We’ll Solve It After”, from his new upcoming EP Self Portrait in Sound, out on January 31, which will follow his previous work Walkabout.


During his career, the artist has collaborated with Burberry, and, most recently, supported The Specials in America. Despite buying his first guitar when he was 21, L.A. Salami soon reached success when he got invite to support Lianne La Havas in 2012. The singer also managed to reach NPR’s Top 10 Albums in 2016.


The artist has been fond of Bob Dylan since hearing his songs for the first time on the radio as a child. The folk vibes and acoustic guitar of the new song are clearly inspired by the legendary artist, while L.A. Salami adds poetic hip hop lyrics in charming blues rhymes.


The vintage song has a large quantity of classic charm, which gives it a smart vintage quality that comes off smoothly and completely natural.


“We’ll Solve It After” follows 3 EPs and 2 Albums. While most of L.A. Salami’s previous works were more about sex, drugs and violence in the city, Self Portrait In Sound will be more introspective, since it will treat such deep themes like personal lost, seeks love and losing friendships.


Listen to “We’ll Solve It After” below:




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