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London-based artist Stella Talpo has teamed up with producer KINDER to produce a new song titled “Hold That Thought”, which was released on November 1st. The Italian singer had already unveiled singles “314” and “Easy”, which, with the new song, represent a breath of fresh air in the UK electro pop and contemporary R&B scene.


Stella has recently talked about the making of the song and her collaboration with KINDER: “The track was written within 2 hours of meeting Kinder, a chance encounter made possible by a mutual fan on Twitter (best collaboration story ever).”


She added: “The track wasn’t developed from any particular intention or pre-written idea rather, the story and feeling kind of unraveleditself as we wrote it. I find that’s becoming often the case with my songs, I don’t really know what I’m writing until it’s finished and then I realise hot damn, I never thought about it like that.”


The new song features a catchy beat, which suddenly starts half a minute after the beginning of the song. The melody is also characterized by evocative tones, while the artist sings about innocence and truth.


During an interview, when asked about the main theme of the song, Stella said: “‘Hold That Thought’ shows that progression from wrongly accused to owning my power through a seductive and provocative surrender… a la fine, you want me to be guilty, here it is”.


Listen to ‘Hold That Thought’ below:




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