Lady C Leaves ‘I’m A Celebrity’ On Apparent Medical Grounds | TV News


It looks like her venom spreading days are over, for sour-faced socialite Lady Colin Campbell has left ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! on alleged medical grounds. The controversial campmate apparently suffered a nasty fall; which forced her to leave the jungle immediately. However, we have all been left wondering whether her bark was really bigger than her bite, did her bullying finally catch up with her?


It has been reported that the real reason she departed from the jungle, just hours after boxing champ Chris Eubank was evicted, could be because she felt like she was being bullied. Seriously?! Throughout the series so far, she has come to blows with two campmates in particular – singer-songwriter Tony Hadley and entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne; who have both deemed her unworthy of her title as ‘Lady’ after her rather personal comments and constant complaining.


A spokesman reported that: “Lady C says she was being mercilessly bullied by Duncan and Tony. On the show it has always come across that she was the instigator of all the rows, but she says this is completely untrue and she was actually the victim. She says the pair of them ganged up on her and tried their level best to force her out of the show. She also claims ITV edited the footage so none of this was seen and she was made out to be the bad guy. Things got so bad, she threatened to call in the lawyers. At that stage ITV agreed to let her leave the show and came up with the medical grounds excuse”.


This is far from over, as I’m sure Lady C will have a few choice words to share once she finally decides to talk… Catch tonight’s episode at 8:30pm on ITV1.



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