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Landon Williams – See What I See | New Music



Landon Williams is a passionate Indie-Pop artist from Southern Colorado where he lived in a farm with his family but is currently based in L.A., following his love for music there and making his dreams come true. He had a family who appreciated music and passed that music germ to him. Razed in the eighties he had many acoustics from that era so we can find the similarities and music influences that he has even now.


His latest track is called “See What I See”, and with his interpretation of the song, his lyrics and the music production by PJ Bianco it is a win win situation.


Composing this song he spent time listening to Duran Duran and when he came upon (when watching TV) the movie Pretty Woman he had the concept ready in his mind and also the idea for the songs graphics. It is a classic eighties song with jazzy elements which delivers to us also, a fresh electronic vibe to listen to, remember and enjoy!




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