Laura Marling To Perform One-Off Concert At The Forum In Kentish Town | Music News


Laura Marling has announced that she will perform a one off gig at The Forum in London’s Kentish Town on September 5. The folk singer is due to play at Somersault Festival and Newport Folk Festival on the 24th and 26th of this month, before heading off to America and Canada on tour. This news comes alongside the announcement of Short Movie: Director’s Cut, an extended edition of the album featuring new studio recordings and extra tracks.


Laura Marling explained about the new tracks, “The addition of new guitarist Pete’s style of playing combined with a lack of need to be delicate for the sake of hearing strings led to the tone becoming thicker and grittier. And as an unexpected result, we discovered that we like sticky rhythms… and seem to speak a similar language in rhythm and tone, it’s a very special quite rare thing!”. Watch Laura Marling’s “Gurdjief’s Daughter” below.




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