Lauren Mayberry And Meredith Graves Talk Misogyny And Music | Interviews

Lauren Mayberry and Meredith Graves


What happens when two outspoken, intelligent, friendly women get together and have a chat? Harsh truths are revealed, experiences – good and bad – are shared, and Internet trolls are deconstructed, even sympathised with.


Meredith Graves (from band Perfect Pussy) starts the conversation with Paper by describing “misogyny porn” – when people love to hear how tough it is to be a woman. The interview swiftly shifts to the measures both Graves and Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES) have had to take to avoid certain people at shows.


“99% of our shows, any random dude with a gun could walk in and blow my brains out while I’m on stage” Graves relates, which leads to Mayberry describing the shift between online and offline hostility.


Though, it isn’t all bad, as Mayberry proves: “when people say that they love your music or they love the way you conduct yourself, that makes me quite emotional inside […] as cheesy as it sounds, that for me makes up for the bad stuff”.


To conclude, they (mainly Graves) talk about how bad things tend to be said by people in a bad place. The interview is insightful, informative, and can be read in full here.



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