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Liam Payne is really eager to show us his new music. The British singer, and former One Direction member, has been hard at work on new music when he is not busy flexing his muscles in his white tank-top alongside J Balvin.


But the singer has a lot more in store for us. In order to get “Familiar” with his RnB and Latino-inspired sound (guess all you need now is some cool Spanish speaking feature and you are part of the familia), a huge departure from those One Direction pop-rock days, Liam has dropped his first EP, First Time, along its title track “First Time“.


We are peaking on originality here, but Payne was never known for his good sense of humor even back in the days. Anyway, without digressing too much, let’s focus on the music.


“First Time”, assisted here and there by an underused French Montana, is a sensual and provocative cut that underpins Payne’s desire to be taken seriously. Admit a well produced drum beat that pumps the track through, lyrically-wise the song lacks a more mature narrative.


It seems to me that even though Payne wants to be taken seriously he is still stuck in this awkward limbo, where he keeps pandering towards his already exiting younger fanbase while at the same time trying to attract a more mature audience.


But if my mother has taught me well, you can’t have it both ways. All in all, the execution is not bad, if you lower your expectations. But I’m sure Mr Payne can do much better, given he was one of the better singers among his One Direction bandmates.


Listen to the song here:




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