Little Shells – I’ll Remain | New Music


Singer/Songwriter Conchita Campos from Brooklyn, New York, has been compared to artists like Portishead and Beth Gibbons. That is easy to hear on her latest Project Little Shells, where the essence of Jazz and Soul + Conchita’s unique vocals and personal influences are found. Little Shells is a collaboration between Conchita and other diverse artists and musicians that are based in New York City, all helping to create the latest 8 track album 5 Deep Under. A mixture of orchestral breakdowns, calming saxophone parts, exceptional vocals and inclusion of possibly any instrument imaginable, this album could fall into many genres and appeal to any music lover. 5 Deep Under is due to be released on April 10, But you can listen to a preview of track 5 from the album, “I’ll Remain” down below.




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