Lolo Zouaï – Summer In Vegas | Music Video

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Lolo Zouaï – Summer In Vegas | Music Video


American R&B and pop artist, Lolo Zouaï has released a new track called “Summer In Vegas“, and it comes with a self-directed music video for the single, which has been shot in the Sin City itself.


The visuals see Lolo driving back to Vegas, and bring the artist back to her childhood in Vegas, where her father was the owner of a pizza restaurant. This beautiful single is lifted from her debut 12-track album High Highs To Low Lows, which has also birth fan-favourite singles like “Blue” and “Desert Rose”.


Speaking about the “Summer In Vegas” video, Lolo Zouaï says, “Just me and the camera. I approached it how I approached one of the first videos I ever directed and edited, ‘High Highs to Low Lows’, but this time we shot it on a Super 8m which gives it a more elevated feeling than VHS. I love shooting on film because you really only have one shot to capture the moment, and I think that makes my emotions come out more naturally“.


She adds that, “The song’s lyrics go back and forth between my perspective as a child and my perspective now. I wanted that contrast in the video: the naiveté/goofiness and the more mature/melancholic side.


My parents divorced when I was 6, and during the summers I’d fly as an unaccompanied minor from San Francisco to Las Vegas to visit my dad where he owned a pizza place. I basically grew up in a pizza place (baking pizza dough, ringing people up, folding pizza boxes). It was important for me to go back to that time, to the Vegas suburbs, to go to the strip, and mostly to eat pizza“.


Zouaï has also just announced a 15-date UK and European tour, which begins in October. The artist will be performing across Lyon, Dublin, Barcelona, and Brussels, among others. Lolo arrives in London on November 5 to play at XOYO. Do not miss your chance to see her live, if you are interested, you can get your tickets here.




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