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Indie rock trio Plastic Sun are back with their new single “Somebody Else”, delivering their second release of 2020 after they dropped “Talking About You Man” earlier this year.


Plastic Sun are a London based trio comprising Joshua Woo, Alessandro Melchior and Keir Adamson. Their music is influenced by different genres, such as 80’s post punk, electronica and alternative music. Even though they kickstarted their career just last year, the band has already been praised by critics and magazines such as Mystic Sons and Clash.


Somebody Else” comes as an unofficial sequel to the group’s debut single “Violent Blue Life”, which was released in October 2019 and dealt with a depressive episode. Both tracks offer a personal exploration of mental health, with “Somebody Else” focusing on its aftermaths.


About this track, the frontman Joshua Woo described the lyrics as “referring to various different personas I’ve tried to take on in order to fit in. It’s a song about self-acceptance, despite what society expects you to be. It’s a very personal song for me.


“Somebody Else” does not only feature intense lyrics, such as the meaningful lines “I wanted to be somebody else/but I can’t be even if I try”, but it shares also deep retro synths and infectious guitar lines, that will grab your attention since the very first listen. You definitely you do not want to miss this chance right now!


Listen to it here:




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