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Los Angeles by way of Pittsburgh singer and songwriter Valeree has released her new single “Broke” with a video clip. Through this new song, she intends to illustrate the feeling of being stuck that she has experienced and to turn it into a message of hope and perseverance.


In fact, Valeree admitted she dealt with poverty and being homelessness at a moment of her life which inspired her to write “Broke”, an anthem for those that are just trying to stay afloat. She said about it, “I chose this song as the single because I felt it was exciting, fun and catchy, while also being the most different from anything I’ve done.”


Letting her musical evolution flourish, Valeree once again demonstrated with “Broke”, her evolution and affinity for retro soul/R&B, drawing her inspiration from artists like Etta James, Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse.


Valeree began writing songs at the age of sixteen as a form of therapy after being hospitalized and sent to a rehabilitation facility. Since her debut in 2019, the 25-years old retro-pop artist has been captivating audiences in-person and online with her powerhouse vocals and exigent presence.


Valeree’s sonic style can be characterized as soulful with modern-meets-vintage production, while her lyrics range anywhere from playful to poetic, delivering themes of complex, multifaceted women in relationships, substance abuse, and introspective self-analysis. Her latest body of work, Masochist, earned multiple award nomination such as the Independent Music Awards nomination for ‘Best Pop EP’ to name just one.


Along with “Broke”, Valeree also announced her forthcoming EP titled it’s fine, i’m fine set to release on March 19.


Watch the video for “Broke” below:




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