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Los Angeles-based singer Njomza has announced her brand new EP Limbo, which will be available on June 18 via Since the 80s/Motown Records.


Influenced by music stars such as Amy Winehouse, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, she wants her style, between pop and R&B, to be renewed in each of her music.


I don’t want to have a recognizable sound. [I prefer to be] fresh every time I do something. My music will evolve as I do [with] each project representing a different chapter and period of my life,” she explained.


Her first single “Winter in Atlanta“, is featuring singer Russ. He is not unknown to the general public since he is a multi platinum selling artist. In this track, the two artists exchange verses that plunge us directly into a thrilling relationship.


A smooth rhythm, Njomza’s flirtatious voice, all accompanied by poignant lyrics from Russ, and here we have the perfect blend to tell us a story of unmistakable attraction and honesty.


Njomza has already been part of the music world for a long time. The young woman participated in the writing of global hits such as “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande. She has racked up over 50 million global streams to date, garnering praise from critics and fans alike.


As a teenager, she became known on YouTube for her covers of songs by now-deceased rapper Mac Miller. This one had been so impressed, he had signed a contract with the young singer on his label REMember Music.


Njomza promises to be one of the most versatile artists on the music scene. She is constantly evolving and renewing herself. Anyway, we can’t wait to hear her Limbo EP, which looks promising. In the meantime, listen to “Winter In Atlanta” below:




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