Louis Vuitton Release ‘Silver Lockit Fluo’ In Partnership With Unicef | Fashion News


The world we live in is constantly fighting against poverty, war, discrimination and misery. It is fundamental, probably now more than ever, that the actions of the happier, more affluent and powerful members of the societies help those who are in need or struggling with difficulties.


Luckily, there are many examples of charitable initiatives and ideas which if they came from big names, they should be much more effective in their success.


Worldwide iconic classical French fashion house Louis Vuitton have been supporting UNICEF for three years already, and have now launched a renewed campaign to sustain families in need such as those involved in the Syrian crisis.


The key of the #MakeAPromise movement is a special pendant attached to a fluorescent bracelet, available in five colours (yellow, orange, pink, blue and black). The sterling silver Vuitton stamped padlock is held on a cord, and retails at £175, £100 of which is donated to Unicef.


The logo is engraved on the Silver lockit, inspired by Georges Vuitton’s tumbler lock from 1890, that he created to protect customers’ most valuable belongings. It is a traditional symbol that has a figurative meaning: the lock is the representation of the promise to help the less fortunate.


Previous partnerships with the UNICEF humanitarian programmes in 2016 got the promotion of many famous artists such as Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr.


The bracelets are available to purchase on the Louis Vuitton website and in over 138 Louis Vuitton stores. CEO of the luxurious brand Michael Burke recently commented to Vogue:”Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and to make a real difference”.








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