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There is no overthinking or hiding your own feelings in Lyves‘ new music video for her single “Rest Your Head“.The song is part of Lyves’ 8 Rooms project, something that the singer defines as “a safe space for full and free expression“.


The concept behind 8 Rooms is to release one song each month accompanied by a short film that will serve as visual for the song. The project was entirely Lyves’ idea, who has cited her desire to be more bold and straightforward with what she wants to convey both musically and artistically.


“Rest Your Head”, then, follows June’s release “Still” with its complimentary film. The video, directed by Francesca Castelbuono, portrays the grief of a mother who has lost her son and is trying to come to terms with her loss and despair by revisiting their relationship.


Castelbuono masterfully captures all these feelings in what is a visually stunning short film. Past and present forge in this daunting recounting of how grief and loss come together. Memories flash by as we see the woman slowly coming undone to Lyves’: “Thought I knew who I was till a part of me died instead/‘Cause a thought of you broke me to pieces, had to learn how to mend“.


The Italo-Australian singer punches you right in the guts with her daunting vocals and scratchy pitches in her new single, that is conceptually and musically both authentic and moving.


8 Rooms, the project that Lyves has carefully developed and crafted, is an ambitious and beautiful work of art. Lacking all those extra embellishments so dear to part of the music scene nowadays, “Rest Your Head” manages to scatter the surface and get to the core of these sentiments.


Watch the music video here:




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