Italian Australian Songstress Lyves Returns With ‘How Would It Feel’

London-based artist, songwriter, and producer Lyves has released a new single titled “How Would It Feel“.

“How Would It Feel” was written and produced by Lyves and her long-time collaborator Nathanael Williams, and it is the precursor to her long-awaited sophomore EP Change, which will be co-produced by Mercury Prize nominated musician and producer Dave Okumu.

The alternative R&aB mastery “How Would It Feel” is an engrossing and captivating listen from start to finish with elements of 70s soul, UK jazz music and 2000’s R&B peppered throughout.

The song also includes a magnificent interlude composed with pianist Samuel Crowe, which she describes as a portal into her upcoming EP Change, and an entrance into her unique musical cosmos that she has been constructing for the past two years.

Lyves is known for her powerful voice, emotional lyrical topics, and music that goes deep, and she is pleased to invite fans into this new period of her music, which seems even more open, raw, and free than prior works.

After taking the past two years away from the spotlight to better perfect her skills as a producer and composer, we cannot wait to hear what she has been putting together for us.

List to “How Would It Feel” below:


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