Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ Hits UK Chart In View Of Trump Visit | Music News


American Idiot” has hit the UK charts after its release 14 years ago as a form of protest against Donald Trump‘s visit in the UK.


“American Idiot” is one of the greatest anthems from the 00’s era, written by punk rock band Green Day and is the titular track from the band’s 2004 #1 album. The album, which won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album is one of their most successful to date.


The lyrics were a protest against the then current US President George Bush with lyrics like: “Don’t wanna be an American idiot/One nation controlled by the media/Information Age of hysteria/It’s calling out to idiot America.” But they can be linked to the present events too.



In fact, since July 6 the song has resurfaced and has been creeping up the UK charts as criticism at Trump’s visit to the UK and proposed meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May. A Twitter account has been made to encourage people to download and stream the song until the USA leader’s arrival on July 12 (you can find the account here).


Brits are getting ready to demonstrate their unhappiness about the meeting in every form: a scheduled march, the charting of “American Idiot”, and also activist Leo Murray successfully raising £16,000 to pay for ‘Project Trump Baby‘ – a six-metre-high inflatable baby resembling Trump, with unusually small hands and feet, which will be flown over London when the real-life version arrives.



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