‘Made In Chelsea: LA’ Episode 1 – I’m So L.A. I Don’t Get Sarcasm | TV Review


It is no surprise that the new spin-off series of Made In ChelseaMade In Chelsea: LA – has been so highly anticipated, because we are always promised drama and suspense and are never disappointed. This new series has an additional twist as it is set in the glamorous land of Los Angeles – like a classy version of Magaluf Weekender. We met some new faces early on in the episode; Naz (I know, as if that is a name) and Tara seem to be the new meat for Jamie and JP to fawn over, much to Binky’s disappointment, despite their chat about being ‘single’ in LA.


I really like the LA girls’ attitude to guys and dating – it is so to the point. When Naz is being asked out by Jamie very timidly and he questions “Should we go to lunch or dinner?“, she rebuttals “You make the decision, you’re the one who asked me“. There is some serious girl power going on. I’m not sure if I adopted it, I would come across as confident or just rude… no harm in trying.


Mark Francis was on form as per usual, claiming he has accommodated for a measly five outfit changes a day and ends up making a female friend, who appreciates the long and unknown Italian designer and cultured phrases that he often spouts. This is the same female who seems to be stealing the attention of JP in next week’s episode.


Jamie makes an outrageous proposition to Jess, saying she was stringing him along so now can’t get with anyone in LA, but obviously he is still allowed to pursue Naz and anyone else who takes his fancy. Ok, well he didn’t quite put it like that but it was the usual ridiculous rules of Jamie Lang; one rule for you, one rule for me.


Once again the main issue with the show was that half way through, not a lot had happened. There was a lot of talk about things that were going to happen; every one was very excited about being single and playing in LA, but there was little of it actually happening. Made In Chelsea is typically quite a slow burner. There was more action in the ‘Next Time’ promo at the end of the show. Those producers know how to keep us watching.



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