Mads Mikkelsen Serves Up Some Juicy ‘Hannibal’ Season 4 Morsels | TV News

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Mads Mikkelsen Serves Up Some Juicy ‘Hannibal’ Season 4 Morsels | TV News

This publicity image released by NBC shows Danish actor Mads Mikkelson as Dr. Hannial Lecter in a scene from the upcoming TV series, "Hannibal." The series, based on the Thomas Harris novels and starring Mikkelson, Hugh Dancy, and Laurence Fishburne, will premiere on April 4, 2013 on NBC. (AP Photo/NBC, Brooke Palmer)


As time goes by, and my television schedule swells with more and more bland genre programming, I am beginning to realise just how special NBC’s Hannibal was. Bryan Fuller‘s vision for Thomas Harris‘ novels was an unexpected delight at the time of the series’ inception. Even more surprising, the show was continually renewed, despite pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable on network TV.


Hannibal’s viewership – who came to be known as Fannibals – were given three seasons of intricate and grotesque indulgences, elegant and insidious betrayals, empathetic serial killers and broken chevaliers. When the series was cancelled earlier this year, its characters were no longer recognisable as the people they had been – physical and psychological trauma has warped and fractured them.


For a show that began as a Nietzsche quoting police procedural, the finale left us with no heroes or villains, just people trying desperately to hide their agendas. And at the centre of this elegant sinkhole of morality was one man; Dr. Hannibal Lecter, terrifyingly realised by Mads Mikkelsen. Speaking to Collider, Mikkelson has given us a few hints about the potential future of Hannibal.


When asked about a possible season 4, the Danish actor stated:”If it comes to a point where we actually can make a full season, I think we will all make it happen because we’ve enjoyed it so much. If it doesn’t happen, we are very pleased and proud that NBC chose to air this, in the first place, as it’s a radical show in their world. Both are a win-win, I think“.


When the idea of a feature length film, to tie up loose ends, came up, Mikkelson responded: “I think the way that we’ve worked so far has been thriving on the pace that we had. We did not have to tell stories really fast or develop characters really fast. It could have its own pace, and I think that suits the show tremendously. I have a hard time seeing a film that could wrap that up, but never say never. As a magician, [Bryan Fuller] might pull that out of his sleeve“.


Apparently Bryan Fuller has a few ideas for a possible return to Hannibal; when Mikkelson was asked about whether the two had spoken about a revival, he said: “Yeah, we touched the subject a few times, but at the time, nothing was finalized. He didn’t dig too deep into it, but he definitely pitched to us how at least the beginning of the season would be“.


Seems like there is still room for Hannibal Lecter in Bryan Fuller and Mads Mikkelson‘s busy schedule, but with Fuller moving on to American Gods, a Neil Gaiman adaptation for Starz, and Mikkelson entering the Star Wars universe with Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One, it could be some time before we see any development.



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