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Magnolian is the stage name for an unexpected indie-folk singer-songwriter named Dulguun Bayasgalan.


He started his musical career in June 2015 by performing as the only solo act at Mongolia’s biggest music festival Playtime.


Then, in September, he released his first single titled “Someday” featuring his girlfriend Enkhjin Batjargal on vocals. It has been a local alternative hit entering the top 20 music charts.


In 2016, Magnolian started work on his first EP Famous Men and released the first single “The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man” which has made him been compared to Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.


His first EP received critical acclaimed in Mongolia and gained ground on the international music scene. Most notably, it was named best underground album of July on Nerdist’s Bandcamping column.


In 2017, he made his North American debut at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Also, with over 7 million hits for his song “The Bride & the Bachelor” , it has become a regular in Spotify folk playlist.


He has also written the music for and starred in the film, They Sing Up on the Hill which was released in 2018.


Finally, on November 1, Magnolian is back with a new single titled “Caroline”. This sweet romantic ballad deals with reminiscing about first love and how things might have turned out. It’s a nostalgic song featuring deep and warm Magnolian’s voice, which, indeed, remind me too of Leonard Cohen.


Listen to “Caroline” here:




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