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Marina Diamandis returns with her first new material in over four years.


Marina returns without ‘the Diamonds’ for the new track ‘Handmade Heaven’, and the music video- directed by Sophie Muller– sets the dreamy song against serene snow-capped surroundings.


Produced by Lorde and Sam Smith producer Joel Little, the song “imagines a world as simple as the beautiful creatures and nature that surround her”, according to a press release.


The follow up to Marina’s 2015 album ‘Froot’ is set to be released later this year. The record has been written and recorded over the past two years in locations like London, Sweden and LA. Collaborations on the upcoming album include Noonie Bao, Sam De Jong, Oscar Görres, Camille Purcell, Justin Parker, and Joe Janiak.


The aforementioned press release also states that Marina took her break away from music “as a period of reflection and to rediscover her authentic self, as opposed to the artist and persona (‘and The Diamonds’) she had lived and breathed since signing her record deal at the age of 22.


We’re so glad to have you back, Marina!


Watch the video for ‘Handmade Heaven’ below:




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