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Remember that guy from Rayners Lane? Jai Paul? He caused some serious waves a few years ago with the down-tempo funk of “Jasmine”, then in 2013, an apparent album surfaced on Bandcamp, but it was quickly dismissed by Paul himself, urging fans not to buy it, that it wasn’t uploaded by him, and it disappeared as fast as it appeared. Hearts sank. Nothing’s been heard of him since.


But fear not, because Toronto-native Marlon James is here and he’s just served up a delicious remix of Paul’s “Str8 Outta Mumbai”. He’s given it a Western make-over: it’s now propelled by a synthy pulse and a smacking snare, with dirty guitar licks that culminate in a shredding solo, that replace the original’s percussive Bangra rhythm and high-pitched Indian vocals. Two days ago, he tweeted that his album’s done. Let’s hope that the rest of the material follows in the same vein.




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