Married French American Duo Freedom Fry Return With ‘Ego Trip’

Ego Trip” is the new single from the married duo of French girl Marie Seyrat and American boy Bruce Driscoll, who are popularly known as Freedom Fry. It is taken from their latest EP titled Broken Down on Planet 909.

Their new EP comes on the back of a busy 2021, which has seen the duo release a French album and a double covers EP, and it is driven by fun indie pop songs loosely inspired by science fiction and inspired by David Bowie songs such as “Star Man” and “Space Oddity”.

In keeping with this theme, their single “Ego Trip” is described as being about being lost inside the space of your own head.

The duo boasts over 100 million streams and over 60 million placements in film, TV and commercials, so you may have already heard the duo somewhere else before. The duo create their music themselves, from the production to the mixing and mastering to crafting their accompanying visuals.

They come with unquestionable knack for melodic mastery and a catchy, timeless tune no matter the genre and for any mood, and it is no wonder, they have worked with the likes of Universal Music and AWAL to release music in the past.

Listen to “Ego Trip” below and stream their new EP here.


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