Masked Duo Bad Flamingo Return With New Track ‘Good For Nothing’

We have previously featured them before when they released “Mama Raised You Right” back in April, and “Butter” last summer, but they continue to remain anonymous, refusing to provide any details on who they are. All we know is that they are the masked indie duo called Bad Flamingo.

Their latest track titled “Good For Nothing” has been put on our radar and the song has caught our ears, but again, we have nothing of note to tell you about the band themselves.

What Bad Flamingo do say is that they are “two nobodies from nowhere particular who don’t do anything for any good reason. The One on the Left and The One on the Right. Singing cowboys that face the door when they sit and lean when they stand. In the shade and in corners — the most favored being a shaded corner“.

They claim to wader from places that have gotten too hot to far desert places that will get too hot, whatever that might mean, and they spend their time with the “man in black, the man in all leather, and the man in the tight denim“.

As you can see, they are a duo that speak in cryptic messages, which we don’t understand, and if the music wasn’t remotely good, we would very likely not be interested in the duo that describe themselves as “folk of few words. A few choice words“.

Their new single “Good For Nothing” is an excellent slow-burning country-inspired track with indie sensibilities, which they have described for us as being about “having a bunch of bad ideas raring to go. So we go and go. Rolling across badlands either too burning or too dusk to see real clear. But it sure looks good“.

Listen to “Good For Nothing” below:


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