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After spending copious amounts for the rights to produce a Lord Of The Rings Amazon series, it will undoubtedly be something spectacular, especially if it’s anything like the books or the movies. If you’ve read the J.R.R. Tolkien novels, you’ll know they start with a drawing of a map – Middle Earth. This is also true to the movies, and apparently also to the new TV show, since they recently released this map as part of the promotion.



Although we don’t know much about the show thus far, we have been informed that it’ll start at a time before the LOTR films and novels, and there has also been mention of a young Aragorn before he became the king, before he met Frodo. Perhaps it will explore his first encounter with Arwen and the other elves, but as of now it is unknown.


JD Payne and Patrick McKay will oversee the show, and are yet to announce start times and planned release dates.


To see the full map please follow this link. Here you’ll be able to navigate your way more precisely, and you can also follow the twitter account for the show for updates on the show here.



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