Mountains In The Sea Share New Track ‘Higher’ | Music News


Husband-and-wife duo Phil and Angela Lamb, also known as Mountains in the Sea, have recently released their new powerful single “Higher”. The duo met in 2011 and started bonding over similar music tastes and interests. The couple married in 2012 and began performing as a duo. In 2018, they created a new indie electropop project called Mountains in the Sea and released their debut track “Better Way” in September 2018.


“Higher” is the duo’s sixth release, and is leading up to an LP in early 2020. The song perfectly represents their music style, which is characterized by fresh sound that blends infectious pop lines, blues influences, and a thoughtful indie-electro undertone.


The song stands out for its remarkable beat and chorus, Angela Lamb’s delicate voice, powerful electonic bass sounds and blues guitars licks. The track features an impressive melodic constructions, while such inspirations as Lana Del Rey, The Postal Service, and The Black Keys are easily recognizable.


Mountains in the Sea are expected to reveal new concert dates very soon to support their new LP in 2020. When they perform live, the duo uses live looping to build their songs on stage, creating an impressive atmosphere that completely catches the audience’s attention. While waiting for new concerts and the upcoming LP, listen to “Higher” below:




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