Nate Waite Unveils His New Single ‘One Day’ | Music News


After releasing his debut single “Scared”, which was well received by fans and critics alike, American artist Nate Waite is back with a new single titled “One Day”. Nate is a singer, songwriter, producer, and guitar player who has collaborated with such artists as Jay Warren, JTM, Henry Ammar.


“One Day” is an atmospheric and nostalgic song, featuring sweet guitar arpeggios and Nate’s warm voiceprint. The singer’s goal is to convey a sense of peace and safety to the listerners, to take them to a place beyond any worry or fears of the world around them. Talking about the song lyrics, the ocean represents a peaceful place when life seems out of control.


Moreover, Nate Waite has said about the song: “This song is really special to me. I wrote it at a really low point in my life. So much uncertainty, anxiety about the future, depression, ect. So, to be able to write something that conveyed so much peace, when everything around me and inside of me seemed so out of control, was like, incredible. This song changed my entire outlook on where I was. It is an anthem of where I want to be, and of where we ALL can be one day”.


While waiting for new live shows to be scheduled, listen to “One Day” below:




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