Multi-Instrumentalist Be Kind Drops New Single ‘Beyond The Woods’ | Music News


Australian-based musician Be Kind has just released a brand-new single called “Beyond The Woods”, a hip-hop song which is the second in a series of stand-alone recordings being released on Headcount Records.


The two-minute piece is the follow-up to the artist’s debut single “We Lose”, released in the end of November of this year, and indie R&B/Soul record that was also released as a stand-alone piece.


Be Kind, real name Ollie Bates, is a fresh multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, originally from the UK but now residing in Australia. Splitting his time across South London and Melbourne due to his dual nationality, he’s now ready to deliver a string of stand-alone singles via Headcount Records.


This debut material which demonstrates his genre-hopping, lyrical soul, focuses on self-reflection and self-exploration. On this two first releases, this song and the previous one, he evocates subjects like the pandemic, while remaining true to his stage name through cheerful chords and nice beats.


Stay tuned if you enjoy this new offering from the Brit, and don’t hesitate to check out his previous song as well. Keep an eye on him, as he will be releasing more music in 2021.


You can listen to “Beyond The Woods” right here:




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