Netflix Acquires ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Sequel From Legendary Pictures

The latest installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is heading to Netflix. The streaming giant has acquired the sequel from Legendary Pictures and now has exclusive distribution rights to the film, which is being directed by David Blue Garcia. Chris Thomas Devlin has written the script.

The film stars Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade) and is pulling a trick many of the Halloween sequels pulled – pretending other sequels don’t exist. This one is set years after the gory events of the original film in a timeline where infamous killer Leatherface has not been seen or heard from since. No additional plot details have been revealed.

Even though this new film is ignoring the sequels, the TCM franchise actually has a rather strange lineage following Tobe Hooper‘s 1974 original. Hooper returned twelve years later to direct a bizarre but gloriously fun sequel starring Dennis Hopper that’s more of a black comedy than the terrifying proto-slasher the original is.

That was followed by two forgettable sequels in the 90s, before a 2003 remake arrived, the first film to be produced by Platinum Dunes, who would go on to make a host of horror remakes in the mid-2000s. A prequel followed, before the franchise rebooted with 2013’s (pretty good) Texas Chainsaw. 2017’s Leatherface, another prequel, is currently the latest installment.

Most don’t view the TCM films after Hooper’s 1974 original as anything of note, so this new version doesn’t have a high bar to clear to be considered one of the best entries in the franchise. We’ll see how it does. The film has already been shot and could arrive on Netflix as early as this year.


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