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The Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the most popular museums in London, has welcomed a brand new and temporary exhibition this month called “Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up”. The exhibition has already been crowded each and every day, considered to be a great success and an incredible destination for art and fashion lovers.


Frida Kahlo is considered to be one of the most influential artistic personalities of the 20th century. Her intriguing, feminist attitude, her unique style and huge talent in painting which focused on portraits of herself, made her extremely favourable and known among the audiences.



But most important of all, Frida Kahlo has been admired for her greatest power of soul when she continued to draw and do what she loved with all her heart while confronting difficult, irreversible health conditions. The Mexican painter has been respected for her powerful heart and her strength of will.


In this just-opened exhibition, The V&A provides us with the opportunity to see for the artist’s personal belongings outside Mexico for the first time. “The V&A will present the first exhibition to be held outside Mexico of Kahlo’s clothing and personal possessions, including prosthetics, medicines, accessories, jewellery and letters,” the museum has recently stated.



All these objects demonstrate Frida’s distinctive as well as adventurous lifetime. The show displays photographs and paintings of Kahlo’s as well. Frida has been a “countercultural and feminist symbol” Claire Wilcox, the V&A’s senior curator of fashion said and “now the audience can see live how she constructed this identity”. The exhibition will run on until November 2018.







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