New Trailer Arrives For ‘Scream’ TV Series | TV Trailer


A new trailer has been released for the widely-anticipated Scream: The TV Series. Featuring the town of Lakewood, it is everything we expect. Copious amounts of scared teens, pop-rock soundtrack and a floating head in the swimming pool, it looks like this show is shaping up to stay true to the style of the original Scream franchise.


From the looks of things, the TV show will not feature Ghostface, but a new slasher killer. This is the first glimpse we are given of the face of the new killer, complete with new mask. And of course, the trailer features technological devices, speeding into the modern age with typical teen activity, featuring youtube as the main platform from which the story springs from. The cast will include Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Carlson Young to name a few, and will air on MTV, debuting on June 30.




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