New York Artist Faukes Function Drops First Single ‘Sanctuary’ | Music News


New York based singer Faukes Function, has just released his debut single “Sanctuary”. The track is self-written, recorded, produced and mixed, and showcases the creative range of the artist.


This song is an R&B track, that’s about a safe place for the artist. There’s also a music video available for the song.


His music, like this first piece, is the fusion of his two passions, music and software engineering, that led him to explore new sounds and to forge its creativity and artistic identity.


Faukes Function developed his musical skills by singing in his church’s choir band. But he’s also a self-taught artist, as he learned how to sing, record and mix himself on YouTube, and taught himself the guitar. After starting an undergraduate degree in music, he created a startup to help musicians monetise their brand, and is now back to his first love, music.


About what the song is about, Faukes Function explains: “Sanctuary is about finding peace in whatever it is you call home. The concept stemmed from a conversation I had with my girlfriend about how much she loved her old room growing up. After we hung up, I looked around in my apartment & never felt so secure in my space. I wrote the song later that night“.


And about the Covid-19 pandemic, he adds: “Being in quarantine has not only forced me to appreciate the space I create in, but to realize that I can go anywhere & be anything I want to be when I’m in these four walls”.


Go check out the song right there:




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