New York Band Loose Buttons Unveils New Single ‘Something Better’ | Music News


Following their 2017 EP Sundays, New York band Loose Buttons are back with an energetic single titled “Something Better”, from their homonymous debut album, produced by Gus Oberg. Each of the four members of the band grew up deeply connected to the New York music community, bringing their own personal experience and original print to the projects of the band, which didn’t form very long before the EP Sundays.


“Something Better” is a en energetic song with garage rock sounds and powerful vocals. As the band said in a statement, the track is about “coming into your own on your own terms, fending off the lingering pains of looking back and looming anxieties of looking forward to build something that’s truly worth living for”.


Lead singer Eric Nizgretsky has also added: “Over the years I’ve been forced to take a look back at my parents’ failed marriage, among other things, and I guess my fear is that the relationships I hold dear in my life will inevitably fail as well. It’s those potential failures and uncertainties that have led me to channel my fears into something more positive…into something better.”


Moreover, “Something Better” aims to build up a sense of community and center on the healing power it brings. Listen to this new song below:



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