New York Musician Kep Lockhart Shares New Track ‘Go Together’

Kep Lockhart’s new single “Go Together” emerges as a breath of fresh air in the cluttered landscape of love songs, bringing a delightful and easy-going charm to the fore.

The track, which is part of his latest album Best Regards, released on November 10, showcases Lockhart’s skillful blend of relatable songwriting and infectious rhythms, capturing the subtle nuances of contemporary romance with a smart and engaging tune.

In “Go Together,” Lockhart tackles the concept of organic relationship development that escapes the need for labels. The song, inspired by casual musings on the state of modern love, celebrates the spontaneity and unspoken understanding that characterizes some of today’s romantic connections.

With its catchy hooks and Lockhart’s smooth vocal delivery, the song is poised to become a staple for listeners in search of music that mirrors their personal experiences of love’s ease and complexity.

Lockhart’s journey to this release is as compelling as his music. From his early love for calypso in Dominica to R&B in the US, his narrative is a rich tapestry of cultural and musical influences. This diversity informs the soulful and narrative-driven quality of his music, rooted in the R&B tradition but uniquely his own.

The release of “Go Together” is not just another addition to Lockhart’s discography; it marks a period of significant personal and artistic growth. His album Best Regards delves into the emotional landscapes traversed following a breakup, with this single serving as a nuanced exploration of the fears and joys that accompany new romantic endeavors.

As Lockhart continues to straddle the worlds of music and law with remarkable dexterity, his story is a reminder of the boundless potential within each pursuit. “Go Together” is now available for streaming, inviting audiences to revel in its story of love, music, and the art of balance.

Listen to “Go Together” below!


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