New York Musician Paul Maged Shares New EP ‘Crossroads’

New York City’s music scene has been privy to many emerging and evolving talents over the years, and singer-songwriter Paul Maged aims to stand tall among them.

On August 19, 2023, Maged released his 6th project, Crossroads, a powerful EP that not only showcases his musical abilities but also offers a deep dive into personal and societal crossroads.

The Crossroads EP encompasses five eclectic tracks, marking a significant progression from his 2020 full-length opus, Culture War. With the title ‘Crossroads’, Maged openly acknowledges the personal junction he’s currently navigating.

Additionally, he perceives the U.S. as being at a pivotal societal juncture. The album resonates with this dual sentiment, bridging the intimate inner struggles faced by individuals with the broader challenges society grapples with.

Paul Maged’s music history in NYC dates back to the release of Diamonds & Demons in 2014. This album was acknowledged as the #1 album of the year by Monoblogue Music. Since then, his discography has expanded, marked by a blend of socially conscious lyrics and profound personal reflections.

His artistry shines even brighter in the Crossroads EP. Tracks like “Martyr War” and “Burn It to the Ground” exude political fervor, while “A Sudden Contrast” offers a more introspective touch. The title track, a poignant piece on depression and suicidal ideation, encourages listeners to seek help and find hope.

A collaboration with Chris Sheldon, known for his work with the Foo Fighters, brings an elevated auditory experience to four out of the five tracks in the EP. Maged’s music, as a result, resonates with fans of diverse artists, from Foo Fighters and Green Day to Billy Joel and Pearl Jam.

Tracing Maged’s roots, he hails from Boston, MA, and his journey into music was kindled at a young age. He further honed his talents at The Boston Conservatory of Music and The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in NYC. Over the years, Maged has delved into various creative pursuits, including stand-up comedy and film appearances.

However, the tragic passing of his father drew him back to his primary passion – songwriting. From his initial double album Diamonds & Demons to his recent Crossroads EP, Maged’s commitment to blending hard rock, alternative, and pop-rock genres is unwavering.

In conclusion, Paul Maged’s Crossroads is more than just an album. It’s a reflection of the challenging paths that each individual and society at large confront. The EP serves as a beacon of hope, urging listeners to face challenges head-on while never losing sight of hope and healing.

Listen to the Crossroads EP below!


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